Utilizing signage systems to stimulate the senses

Sep 25, 2013 | Articles

Mike Maguire, the CEO of Structural Graphics and a contributor to BusinessWeek magazine, recently remarked that…“You don’t need to be a big company to make a big impact in advertising. But you do need to be smart about how to catch people’s attention – and that means taking advantage of what matters most to people: their five senses. Studies show that when a consumer recalls more than one sensory impression that a product or brand has conveyed, brand loyalty hovers around 60%.”Marketing is a never ending job, especially in the highly competitive foodservice industry. Therefore you need to constantly be thinking of new, creative ways to make an impact on consumers’ senses.For example, Americans have become infatuated with a healthier lifestyle and healthier food choices. According to a recent Tehnomic survey, which appeared in the July 2013 issue of NACS magazine, the top 5 health phrases that resonate with consumers are:
  1. “Fresh” – 87%
  2. “Housemade” or “Homemade” – 74%
  3. “Real” – 61%
  4. “Scratch” – 58%
  5. “Premium” – 43%
Finding ways to incorporate this language into your marketing, via signage, menu boards and displays – from digital and static menu boards, to countertop and freestanding displays – will help to attract and stimulate the senses of health-conscious consumers.Because the majority of purchases are fueled by emotion, in response to what our senses perceive, using the right language and marketing vehicles can stimulate customers’ senses – ultimately increasing brand loyalty and profits.
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