Using signage to highlight healthier options at C-stores

Sep 27, 2013 | Articles

According to a recent study by the Hartman Group, a Consumer Market Research firm, more than 53% of all eating occasions are for snacking – and of that number, “healthier options” are an important consideration for 56% of “snackers.”They go on to remark that, "The convenience store is increasingly relevant given the demands of modern day living. As such, the channel appeals to a broader range of people, well beyond the traditional core."Our food culture is evolving and more consumers are concerned about the nutritional content of the foods they eat. Yet regardless of the high percentages mentioned above, it remains to be seen whether C-store patrons will choose healthier snacks over a sea of junk food offerings. However, demand is high for healthier choices and C-stores are capitalizing on this opportunity.Several convenience store giants – 7-Eleven Inc., Wawa Inc. and Sheetz Inc. – have been transforming and stocking their stores with healthier alternatives for snacking and mealtime.An added benefit to expanding food selections, especially with healthier alternatives, is that C-stores become more attractive to gas patrons looking for a quick snack or meal-on-the-go.However, just having healthier items in your product assortment doesn’t instantly guarantee increased sales, unless your customers know about them.This is why promotional signage is imperative for targeting consumers who might not be aware of the quality of your food offerings. From countertop and freestanding displays, digital menu boards and kiosks, and wall or ceiling mounted fixtures – effective signage and graphics allow you to appeal to health-conscious, time-constrained consumers who frequent your C-store location.
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