Tablets are changing the restaurant experience

Oct 22, 2013 | Articles

The use of hand-held tablets is not only growing in popularity, but is now starting to impact the “traditional” restaurant experience.While the application of tablets varies from restaurant to restaurant, the overarching theme is that they increase convenience and enhance guest interaction, creating a closer connection to the brand.Tablets are revolutionizing the experience for both the brand and the consumer in the following ways:Seamless diningUsing tablets to offer tableside check payment, as well as other activities that streamline or improve the experienceEnhanced interactionBy installing tablets at tables, this allows guests to interact with menus, place orders, pay bills and even play games.“On the Fly” data insightsTablets offer a non-threatening way to capture customer preferences and data at the most-important level, helping to tailor the customer’s future experiences.Guest reviewsGood, bad or ugly, tableside tablets offer an immediate resource for guests to share feedback about service, food, cleanliness, etc.Multi-channel feedbackSurveys and other tablet tools create feedback which can be shared on all available channels, including social media; thus, increasing the impact.Enhanced employee engagementTablets allow staff members to access direct customer feedback, helping them to constantly evolve, and improve, the experience.In addition to becoming a driving force for the front-end restaurant experience, management is also using tablets to improve their day-to-day and back-of-house operations.One example of tablet innovation is in digital menu board applications.Simplicity™ Mobile allows users to create, edit and manage menu board content from their Smartphone/Tablet in real-time, right from the restaurant floor. A digital menu board application designed specifically for food services by menu board experts. All users need istheir Smartphone or Tablet to change products, prices and promotions easily andeffectively.This cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for complicated menu board programs, providing users with more time to create and deliver enhanced customer experiences, rather than spending time fumbling with cumbersome digital menu board applications.

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