Supermarket psychology – wall displays encourage purchasing

Jul 10, 2013 | Articles

Supermarkets have long understood that holidays and special events often increase foot traffic within their stores.To take advantage of the additional revenue opportunities, management often prepares special end cap or in-aisle displays - grouping popular favorites together for maximum cross-selling impact.supermarket cross sellingAt Christmas, sprinkles and other edible decorations are featured near the baking aisle; before the Super Bowl, chips and dips are prominently displayed alongside carbonated beverages; in the summer months, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers are paired on shelves for campfire S’mores.Kimberly Reynolds, media and community relations manager for Publix supermarkets in South Florida says, “Our goal is to make shopping in our stores more convenient and enjoyable for our customers.”Intentionally grouped items on shelves and display fixtures not only offer convenience to the customer, but also directly communicate with them – subconsciously influencing them to purchase paired items, regardless of price, potentially leading to impulse purchasing.End cap or in-aisle displays create the perfect promotional destination for such groupings. They can provide unlimited flexibility with various configurations and graphic options to meet both the functional and décor requirements of any supermarket environment. Display systems offer countless opportunities for shopper direction, education and branding.Some advantages include:
  • Exceptional modularity
  • Infinite graphic appearances
  • Cost-effective
  • Client maintainability
Deploying a successful display system can be the key to increasing holiday and seasonal sales.
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