Stay on top of industry trends with digital menu boards

Aug 22, 2013 | Articles

Trying to maintain brand continuity across several regional foodservice chains can be challenging; but when spread across the country – numbering in the hundreds, or even thousands – it can be daunting.QSR’s today face many challenges they didn’t have previously - fierce competition, an oversaturated market, sophisticated and more demanding consumers. But perhaps the most challenging is monitoring and responding to industry trends, which change so quickly it’s hard to keep menu boardsBut far too often the time required to design, prepare and implement new marketing initiatives comes too late to be truly impactful – especially to your bottom line.Digital Menu Boards are quickly becoming the marketing tool of choice for QSR’s nationwide. With over 90 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing first class food service visual communications systems, VGS/Posterloid has designed a 3-tiered digital solution specifically for the foodservice industry, encompassing its unique needs and challenges.The first tier is Simplicity™ Pro, which offers the ease of facilitating content changes within three clicks of a mouse. SimplicityTM Pro was designed to be cost effective, fast and most importantly, easy to use. Create templates, edit pricing and promotions, add videos and imagery, and push out your new initiative – as quickly as industry trends change. Templatelayouts are customized, unique and reflective of your brand, as well as pre-populated with your menu listings, pricing, and photo assets.The second tier combines all of the ease, functionality, and flexibility of the popular Simplicity™ Pro into a mobile app. Simplicity™ Mobile utilizes 10 dynamic, pre-loaded templates to create, edit, and manage content in real-time, right from the floor of your establishment. All that isneeded is a Smartphone or Tablet to change products, prices, and promotions onthe fly.The third tier of Digital Menu Board Solutions is Simplicity™ Enterprise. Enterprise is designed for large National Restaurant Chains, which may or may not have franchises. Enterprise offers an extensive reporting and diagnostic system that offers different levels of control. Aneasy, cost-effective solution that allows you to keep prices, products, and promotions up-to-date, Enterprise is ideal for scheduled limited time offers, dayparting, regionalized content, price and product updates, market testing, menu management, and perfect execution at the store level.But perhaps one of the greatest assets of all three solutions is the ability to change menu board content anywhere via the web (and even from your Smartphone/Tablet)!Now you can maintain brand continuity and manage promotional trends for your entire foodservice chain – all from one easy-to- use program.
  • Custom, professionally designed content templates makes it easy
  • No design or computer programming skills needed for success
  • An intuitive calendar helps with Dayparting and scheduling
Additionally, by incorporating digital with your existing static menu boards, you’ll create a complete, hybrid menu board system that meets the demands of the current market at a price your foodservice chain can afford.
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