Restaurants are enjoying the benefits of menu board “bliss”

May 02, 2013 | Articles

With over 130 million Americans utilizing smartphone technology, (1) news, information and public reviews are available at the touch of a button. This influx of “instant gratification” is creating a generation of consumers who not only crave interaction and engagement, but have come to expect it, especially in their purchasing board, digital menu boardsThe foodservice industry understands this new breed of consumer and has started to respond by implementing both digital and hybrid menu board systems. Hybrid menu board systems, which incorporate both static boards and digital screens, are designed to engage customers and provide a controlled focus.According to Lyle Bunn, an adviser and educator in North America’s sign industry, “There is a ‘bliss point’ when restaurants using digital menu boards and their patrons gain the highest possible benefit.”He goes on to say that menu board “bliss” is obtained when “items are presented to achieve their revenue goals while the patron simultaneously experiences excitement for the fulfillment of their need for food as fuel, comfort or as an agent for their lifestyle needs and wants.”Hybrid menu board systems provide this “win-win” for both foodservice establishments and consumers. In addition to capitalizing on static menu inserts, hybrid systems also utilize digital menu board content tools. These content tools provide features such as scheduling and dayparting, the ability to show video and product imagery, animation, and message layering. This gives establishments the ability to not only control a customer’s focus, but to also create and tell a story to everyone who walks through their door.(1)   According to a report by comScore, Inc. - a leader in measuring the digital world
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