Promoting to your customer base with signage, displays and graphics

Jun 19, 2013 | Articles

Phoenix Marketing International recently revealed that advertisements highlighting value menus significantly increased business for QSR’s more than any other category offering.50% of consumers polled in the study said they would visit a QSR location more often if the brand promoted value menu offerings in their advertising – regardless of the medium.While quick serve restaurants have always been known for reasonably priced dining options, today’s consumers demand more flexibility when it comes to spending their money.The consumers’ perception of value now extends beyond the typical “dollar menu” offerings to more “budget friendly” options.However, don’t allows yourself to be limited by external advertising; emphasizing value menus inside your restaurant can also help drive profits and encourage repeat customers.By utilizing countertop and freestanding signage, poster displays and wall graphics, your restaurant''s promotional real estate becomes limitless.Additionally, digital and hybrid (a combination of static and digital) menu board systems engage your customers by adding sound and movement into your menu displays – allowing you to focus their attention exactly where you want it.
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