Menus and signage create a modern C-store environment

Aug 02, 2013 | Articles

convenience storesWhen it comes to menu options, Convenience Stores are often known for pre-made and pre-wrapped foods, which rarely convey a feeling of “quality” to hungry patrons walking through the door.As nutritional offerings continue to evolve in schools, public cafeterias and even in QSR’s, consumers now expect to find more quality menu options in just about every business sector stocking meal-time foods on their shelves.Daily’s Dash understands the growing demands of today’s consumer, and hopes to elevate the traditional image of C-Stores when it comes to food options.The popular Jacksonville, Florida convenience store is trying to become more recognizable for its premium, fresh foodservices.Daily’s Dash says, “It’s a part of the changing face of convenience stores across the country. What was once a place to microwave a burrito and wash it down with a bucket of soda has become a place of fresher foods and more variety.”More quality food choices, cleaner more welcoming environments and cutting edge technologies such as digital menu boards and signage are reshaping the convenience store as we know it – and their popularity continues to soar.“Over the last few years, they’ve all gone to more food,” said Jeff Lenard, NACS spokesman. “Customers are always in a hurry, and they’ve moved from sit-down to takeout. The food’s improved, the prices are lower, you grab it and don’t pay a tip.”With societies schedules more chaotic than ever, the C-Store model will continue to change along with the demands of its valued customers.
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