Digital signage helps persuade consumers

Jul 17, 2013 | Articles

Inventor and consultant Edward De Bono once said that “Creativity involves breaking out of establishment patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”And that’s just what Mac''s Convenience Stores is signageA division of Laval, Quebec-based Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., Mac’s recently ran a clever digital signage campaign at all their locations – featuring a playful dog with a toothbrush protruding from his mouth. In the speech-bubble next to him appeared the captions: “How’s your breath?” and “We don’t all have time to brush like Otis.”The underlying message for viewing audiences was simple - use breath fresheners; they really work. Suddenly sales of breath fresheners, companywide, increased by almost 21%.The campaign had 1,180 consumer impressions per location, per day – generating 118,000 impressions for the breath freshener brand.Targeted digital advertising is popular with online viewers, and convenience stores are beginning to understand how to utilize this technology as a powerful tool for persuading consumer purchasing.In addition to the benefits of interactivity and dynamic content, digital signage also allows you to easily control your messaging. From digital freestanding units and digital countertop displays to digital menu board solutions, it''s easy to keep your products, prices and promotions up-to-date – at the click of a mouse.With some 75% of buying decisions made in-store, it’s important that you have an effective digital signage presence for those impulse purchasers.
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