Can your menu boards keep up with industry food trends?

Jun 27, 2013 | Articles

New menu offerings often emerge from the show floor of NRA. These offerings then lead to future menu board trends – and 2013 was no exception. Here were some of this year’s observations:Healthy Kid’s Meals:  Following new school nutritional guidelines, many restaurants wilmenu boards, digital menu boardsl begin rolling out these healthy alternatives such as baked snack chips, whole grain pancakes and granola clusters.Beverages:  From specialty coffees to smoothies to flavored iced teas, these high margin menu items appeal to the cravings of an increasingly more discerning consumer.Greek yogurt:  This alternative to regular yogurt has become a popular staple in supermarkets, and restaurants are riding the wave by offering breakfast items and mayonnaise alternatives utilizing this creamy food option.Breads:  Traditional buns and rolls are on the way out. Consumers now demand more versatile bread items such as flatbreads and naan, which tend to be healthier replacements.Sauces:  As consumer palates begin to grow more sophisticated, flavor enhancing sauces have garnered a great deal of attention. At NRA 2013 there were 65 exhibitors showcasing what they hope will be the latest sauce craze.With new menu items continuously being created to meet customers’ demanding tastes, having an innovative, flexible menu board system at your restaurant allows you to stay current and relevant in this competitive industry.A variety of menu board options exist based on your overall needs and budget – from changeable menu boards with poster inserts or magnetic strips, to cutting-edge digital menu boards, to hybrid menu board systems which combine the best elements of both.Gone are the days when food options remained on your menu boards, unchanged, for months… and sometimes longer. Because consumers drive most of the latest trends in menu offerings, they come to expect them in the foodservice chains they frequent.Are your current menu boards flexible enough to stay current?
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